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Why partner with Pacific Coast?

We work with small businesses and self-employed individuals to identify the right retirement plan for your company and yourself. Most retirement plans we recommend have $0 out of pocket plan expenses to the employer.


We do not engage in the sale of investment products (e.g. insurance, annuities, or mutual funds) for commissions. Partnering with Pacific Coast means building a relationship with an independent investment advisor that is fiduciary and free from conflicts of interest. We work to serve the needs of our clients and our clients only. 


Many small businesses are sold retirement plans from payroll firms, insurance salespeople, or commsission based brokers. These plans are often comprised of expensive mutual fund investments or costly insurance products, such as annuities and large commissions and ongoing expenses. The chart illustrates how those expensive products can reduce your retirement savings and how Pacific Coast can save you money.  


This service includes

- An analysis of your current plan fees and expenses.

- Assessment of your businesses retirement plan needs.

- Recommendations to increase retirement savings and reduce plan expenses

Expenses are suffocating your Retirement Savings!

As you can see from the chart below expensive retirement plans can drastically reduce your savings and the negative impact of fees is only compounded over time. The lower the expenses the higher the total account value at retirement.

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