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Financial and Estate Planning

Helping you plan for your future.

The biggest benefit of the financial planning process is that it allows clients the opportunity to visualize the big picture of their financial futures. We work with our clients to establish both long and short-term life goals and educate clients on how these goals will impact their financial future. Armed with a financial plan, you now have a roadmap that will make financial decisions easier going forward allowing clients to meet their goals.


Pacific Coast's goal when working with clients is to establish an open dialog. In order to create an effective financial plan the data we collect must be as accurate as possible. The saying goes "garbage in, garbage out".  All information obtained by Pacific Coast is strictly confidential, our goal is to work closely with our clients to create a roadmap that they can utilize in the future.


Financial Planning consists of the following topics:


- Investment Planning

- Retirement Planning

- Estate Planning

- Insurance Planning

- Income Tax Planning


Unlike many financial planners, Pacific Coast avoids conflicts of interest as we do not receive compensation in the form of commissions or sales charges for selling investment products. Clients can rest assured that any recommendations made during the financial planning process are strictly in your best interest.

For any futher information or booking a free financial consultation, please call.