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Pacific Equity Portfolios

Balanced Portfolios - Customized to meet your needs

Pacific Fixed Income Portfolios

Our portfolios are designed and managed exclusively by Pacific Coast. We offer a series of high-quality, conservative portfolios to meet the needs of our clients.

Pacific Equity

Pacific Dividend Growth

Pacific Sector ETF

Pacific ESG

This equity portfolio is structured to provide conservative portfolio growth while retaining low relative risk. It is diversified across most major sectors of the U.S. economy. Companies must have a history of successful management and sustainable profitability, maintain a consistently strong balance sheet, and have projected sustainable growth. The Pacific Equity Growth portfolio philosophy can be described as a GARP porfolio which stands for Growth At a Reasonable Price.

This portfolio invests in high quality, conservative companies that have a history of dividend increases and will hopefully continue to grow these tax advantaged dividends over time. Similar to the Pacific Equity Growth portfolio, companies must have a history of successful management and sustainable profitability and maintain a consistently strong balance sheet. Studies conclude that dividends have contributed significantly to the total return of the S&P 500 throughout history.

Our Sector ETF Portfolio is a comparable strategy to owning individual equities without buying individual stocks. This strategy offers the benefits of increased diversification and less concentration than that of a typical stock portfolio. Exchange Traded Funds or ETF’s are investments that consist of a basket of securities that track some underlying index,sector or industry. ETF’s in this portfolio may track a specific index such as the S&P 500, an economic sector of the economy, such as Health Care, or a specific industry within a sector, such as Biotechnology. An ETF is considered a passive investment and is not actively managed like a traditional mutual fund but offers much lower expense ratios.The Pacific Sector ETF seeks to outperform the S&P 500 by overweighting sectors or industries that we find relatively attractive based on our fundamental analysis. This portfolio offers tremendous diversification as the ETF’s represent ownership in hundreds of companies. 

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. Many investors feel that by investing in companies that integrate ethical considerations into their business that they are supporting companies that share their values. We have designed the ESG portfolio by combining different types of ESG ETF's in various weights designed to lower expenses, reduce risk and diversify the portfolio. This portfolio consists largely of large-cap ESG companies around the world.

Each of our Pacific Equity Porfolios can be balanced with a bond allocation to better meet the needs and risk levels of each individual client. Balanced portfolios allow clients to maintain exposure to equities while reducing portfolio volatility with a customized bond allocation.

       - 85% Equities / 15% Bonds

       - 70% Equities / 30% Bonds

       - 50 % Equities / 50% Bonds



This portfolio is designed to generate tax-free income for Oregon residents exempt from Federal and State of Oregon taxation. A customized 10 year laddered1 portfolio would consist of only "investment grade" quality municipal bonds generating high levels of tax-free income to Oregon residents.

Pacific Oregon Tax-Free Income

This portfolio consists of only "investment grade" quality bonds laddered1 over 10 years in equal weightings. We include fixed income ETF's, U.S. Treasuries and individual corporate bonds in this portfolio.

We will customize design and manage a portfolio of tax-free municipal bonds for residents of states with state income taxation, based on their risk and investment objectives.

Pacific Taxable Income

State Specific Tax-Free Bonds

[1] Construction of the Pacific Oregon Tax-Free income portfolio and Pacific Taxable Income portfolio will vary depending upon market conditions and yield curve.

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