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Financial and Estate Planning

The biggest benefit of the financial planning process is that it allows clients the opportunity to visualize the big picture of their financial futures. We work with our clients to establish both long and short-term life goals and educate clients on how these goals will impact their financial future. Armed with a financial plan, you now have a roadmap that will make financial decisions easier going forward allowing clients to meet their goals. 

Pacific Coast’s goal when working with clients is to establish an open dialog. In order to create an effective financial plan the data we collect must be as accurate as possible. The saying goes “garbage in, garbage out”.  All information obtained by Pacific Coast is strictly confidential, our goal is to work closely with our clients to create a roadmap that they can utilize in the future. 

Financial Planning consists of the following topics: 

  • Investment Planning 
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Insurance Planning 
  • Income Tax Planning 

Unlike many financial planners, Pacific Coast avoids conflicts of interest as we do not receive compensation in the form of commissions or sales charges for selling investment products. Clients can rest assured that any recommendations made during the financial planning process are strictly in your best interest. 

The Pacific Coast Portfolios

Conservative Growth – Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP)

Our conservative growth, or GARP strategy seeks capital appreciation of securities over a long-term period of time (i.e. 10 years). This portfolio is comprised of companies that have historically successful management teams, sustainable profitability, maintain a strong balance sheet, and have projected long-term growth opportunities. It is generally comprised of Large-Cap and Blue-Chip equities. Best suited for an investor looking for a relatively steady and consistent strategy.

Dividend Growth – Income Growth over Time
Our dividend growth strategy seeks to own companies that have shown a commitment to sustainable and growing dividends over-time. We believe that dividend growth companies offer attractive risk/reward attributes and dividends have historically represented a significant proportion of the total return for shareholders over the long-term. This portfolio is generally comprised of Large-Cap equities diversified across economic sectors to achieve a portfolio yield equal to, or greater than, the S&P 500 index.
Sector Investing – Using Exchange Traded Funds

Sector investing is a top-down investment strategy that involves identifying specific economic sectors or industries that we choose to overweight or underweight based on their relative attractiveness. It’s a way of capitalizing on market shifts caused by changing business conditions and investor focus. Fundamental to sector investing is the fact that different sectors and industries perform differently in different phases of the business cycle.

Why ETFs? We prefer to investment in a sector by holding a diversified mix of stocks considered representative of that sector. ETF’s are low-cost, and tax efficient investment vehicles. This portfolio offers tremendous diversification as the ETF’s represent ownership in hundreds of companies.

ESG Investing

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing means different things to different people. Many investors want to invest in companies that share in their values and integrate ethical considerations into their business practices. We have designed the ESG portfolio by combining different types of ESG ETF’s in various weights designed to lower expenses, reduce risk and diversify the portfolio. This portfolio consists largely of large-cap ESG companies around the world. While there is no “right way” to approach ESG investing, we actively manage for ESG opportunities and risks, positioning our clients for long-term success.

Income Investors – Bond Only Portfolios

Pacific Oregon Tax-Free Income
This portfolio is designed to generate tax-free income for Oregon residents exempt from Federal and State of Oregon taxation. A customized 10 year laddered portfolio would consist of only “investment grade” quality municipal bonds generating high levels of tax-free income to Oregon residents.

Pacific Taxable Income
This portfolio consists of only “investment grade” quality bonds laddered 1 over 10 years in equal weightings. We include fixed income ETF’s, U.S. Treasuries and individual corporate bonds in this portfolio.

State Specific Tax-Free Bonds
We will customize design and manage a portfolio of tax-free municipal bonds for residents of states with state income taxation, based on their risk and investment objectives.

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